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"Jackie's magical hands, healing touch and compassion for the human body creates a relaxing retreat from daily stresses of Life!  Treat yourself!"  Elsie Kerns

"Jackie is a gifted teacher and healer.  I highly recommend her classes to anyone interested in holistic energy healing modalities"  Bonnie Sauter, Good Vibrations New Age and Metaphysical, LLC

"Diagnosed with severe scoliosis as a child, I've had two spinal fusions - one thoracic, the other lumbar.

Looking for ways to manage my condition, I've consulted a number of professionals over the years: orthopedic surgeons, exercise, physiologists, physical therapists, fitness experts.  None of them have offered the kind of help I've gained through Jackie Milovsky's Shiatsu sessions.  Thanks to her, my back feels stronger, more flexible, more "balanced" than it has in years.

Knowledgeable, intelligent, and with a finely honed instinct about what's needed to restore a healthy flow of energy in the body, Jackie customizes each session to fit my needs.  There is nothing cookie cutter in her approach.  When a new issue emerges, she is quick to adapt her strategy, explaining clearly why she's making the adjustment in question.

In addition to her professional expertise, Jackie has a kind, gentle spirit, which in itself is healing and makes each session thoroughly enjoyable and deeply relaxing.

I can't praise Jackie and her ability enough."

"I am so pleased to share that my Rose (tabby) has become more social and friendly towards others. She now stays near us in the room we are in.  She used to run upstairs.

Whenever I traveled, I would ask a friend to visit and Rose would hide and only come out for a few minutes. Now she meows and lets others pet her!  You told me to talk to her and to tell her when I am traveling.   I am also much more mindful of my energies when I interact with her, and I would not have really practiced this if I had not taken your course.  I am rereading the materials and sharing what I have learned.  I have encouraged others to take your course. 

Bless you and all you do to help us take care of our pets."
  Maryanne Borden

"Our greyhound, Mark, was diagnosed with cancer in 2010.  His type of cancer is a high grade soft tissue sarcoma and our vet told us we were looking at a 10% chance of survival for our furry kid.  My sister and I were devastated!  We had to try something else even though he had to receive chemo and surgery.  I came across Jackie's ad in a newsletter a few months after Mark's diagnosis, and I called her for animal Reiki training.  She came to our home to train my sister and I on our own greyhounds.  She was very thorough in her teachings.  Since I wasn't familiar with Reiki, nor never heard of it, when we completed our class, I was very enlightened and excited to think that we all have the power to heal.  I completed Animal Reiki Part I and Reiki Level I.  I use Reiki on Mark mostly every day.  Our vet is still very amazed that Mark's here on earth with us, however, his prognosis hasn't changed and his time is coming near.  He once asked me what I was doing to help Mark, besides medication, and I told him Animal Reiki and flower essences that Jackie had recommended.  I am grateful to have found Jackie.  She has so much knowledge about this special healing process.  Through her teachings, Reiki has brought enlightenment into my life.  I look forward to continuing my education with Jackie."    Angela Pontano

Mind, Body & Spirit Wellness
By Jacklynn Milovsky